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Originally Posted by jamesst20 View Post
But it didn't worked for me in 10.6.4
Same problem here (also using 10.6.4). I followed the standard guide for DVI-out. The system doesn't start up normally anymore. It just keeps going and going without showing anything but the standard grey apple boot screen. No kernel panic alert though.

If I boot in -x it boots up for a while and then the screen turns black. So I guess I have to use the flicker method. The strange thing is that I can still get access to the hackintosh using screen sharing. The graphics card is listed in the system profile with the proper video ram (it showed 256MB before, now it shows the proper 1024MB - I use a MSI R4650), but the DVI-out doesn't work at all.

I'm pretty new to all this. I guess I need the ATIFramebuffer.kext from 10.6.2 - but I honestly don't know where to get it since I only got the Combo Update to 10.6.4 and the basic installation.
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