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Hey !!

Yes - USB is much better because it is way faster than DVD, so if something goes wrong, you waste half the time re-installing etc... Also, for more advanced users, you can patch Chameleon/ Retail with custom stuff without having to burn a new DVD.

For instance... I installed iAtkos v7, then Snow Leopard, but then I changed my mind and re-installed iAtkos. With the same USB I did this al this in under two hours.

Mcdond ;

- When you insert DVD/USB, did you format your OSX destination drive with GUID partition table and HFS+ Journaled format ?

- Did you reach the Install section, or does it stay forever AFTER install ? If this is the case, did you get the forbidden sign, or does it just hang with the apple log and the circle going round and round ?

- Sound for Soul ... you can try and copy the boot.ini file from you leopard install into the root of the XP install. This file is hidden, so you have to do the following (very quick terminal trick)

flag it "FALSE" when you are done, if you want....

Chameleoon 2 should be able to boot MBR (partition scheme for general XP installs), you shouldnt have to change in BIOS. Either that, or, I think, use a XP that has SATA drivers! The newer XP's have this, older one's dont. From your symptom, I suspect it is XP that cannot read SATA, and you really shouldnt have to go in BIOS to dual boot.

But try copying the boot file. If Chameleon reads it, I am almost certain it will boot.

AAAHH !! Also Sound for Soul, ... if you copy my, the string is already inside!! you dont have to do it, just copy it !

The file is ONLY a custom with my (6935g specific) nvidia string, nothing else. Either it wakes up your card, or does nothing at all. No risks, so you dont even have to back up you origial file. At best, edit the file, remove the string, and you revert back to a custom install non-efi-stringed file.

Hope this helps!!


Acer 6936g 864G32mn [@ Snow Leopard 10.6.1 32/64bit
C2D 2,4Ghz 4Gb 1066mhz DDR3 9600m GT 512 GDDR3

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