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Originally Posted by mcdond View Post
I am completley new to all this

Ive tried Ideneb and also iATKOS but no matter what after I get past the first install stage my laptop restarts and just stays on the Grey Apple logo forever

Ive tried with ACPI and IDE mode and i get the same response.

Any ideas ?

Sorry, didnt read correctly...

Did you

1 - format the drive GUID + hfs journalled ?
2 - did you customize the install right before clicking "install" with the setting above?

if you did, when Chameleon displays the countown bar before botting, press any key, the countdown bar with dissapear.

write " -v " .... it will appear in the lower left corner. Press enter. This is called "booting in verbose mode" - Where you see line by line each kext and code booting the system.

Take a picture of the error screen / KP (kernel panic) and post. Also try booting with

-v -f

Sometimes the system can kernel panic once or twice but boot only the third and be very stable! the "f" flag ignores the extension.mkext (a cache version of all you kexts) and rebuilds the file, so it could cure some issues.

You must have chosen some wrong or extra custom setting, if you have the same model as me. Post you exact model ! sometime, just 1 piece of hardware that is different is sufficient to prevent the system from booting.

There are many Acer 6936g with nvidia 9600m GT 1GB with DDR2.... if this is the case
my will likely not work for you!

but then again, it very well could if PCI roots info is the same... so do post you most complete specs


Acer 6936g 864G32mn [@ Snow Leopard 10.6.1 32/64bit
C2D 2,4Ghz 4Gb 1066mhz DDR3 9600m GT 512 GDDR3

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