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Hi Xiloa!

I must confess that the tittle says 100% but in reality it should read 96%... ( it WILL be 100% soon, that is my mission !!! )

I am currently working on the same sound issue. It is a must for me, as I work alot with audio and it sure is handy to have the internal mic working. (plus skype and stuff)

I dont think the external mic in os working either. But I am getting down into this issue, have to test some edits and I will post. Any info is very welcome!

I also experience some click and pops ons some video encodings. Changing system frequency to 48k work some times, but the soundcard does not show up in system profile.

I am sure I have to string it to... that is my next project, but unfortunately not for this weekend. Installed Protools 8 (with mbox 2) and it rocks. So does Reason 4. Its just some video's with stranger encodings that act up.

Also, since yesterday, with no apparant change in system, when shutting down, right before power off, the speaker make a mild "pop" sound.

I will report soon on this.

Also, I am going to try re-installing again without choosing the broadcom driver. Vanilla kernel has airport, and although wifi is 100% working, it shows up as "third party vendor".

Are you sure your broadcom card is in pci-e format? It is as simple as changing Ram, except here you dont even have to remove the older one, there is an extra slot. Check my pictures. It is just slide in, screw it in tight, connect cables and that is it.

It should be 100% native, so I am guessing I shouldnt have tried that driver. No big issue. All apps and programs read correct info, but I really want the closet thing to the real deal.


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