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Ok this is my expierne lol Also this is my laptop Model : 6935G - 643G32Bn

I have the latest copy of IAtkos v7 and IDenev 10.5.6. I am running a Acer Aspire 6935 ( 2GHz Dual Core Intel / 3GB DDR3 / 9600 GM 512MB / 300GB WD HD / ABGN WLAN )

Everytime i install Either of the two I cannot get past the first install stage ( after it asks you to restart )

I just get either 1 of 3 things. 1. An Apple symbol that stays forever, 2 Apple symbol and after 5 minutes a Grey Cross box Will appear at the top of the apple. 3. my screen will go from the apple symbol to black and no activity will happen!

Now i HAVE been able to get past this stage TWICE with iAtkos by just installing Kernal and base files ONLY ! and 1 keyboard driver.

I have tried to replicate what I done but it seems no matter what options or drivers I pick I have no luck and cannot get past the first install stage!

This is what I do so bare with me again lol.

I load up IAtkos / Disk Utility / Split my hard drive into 2 partitions ( 20 GB OSX and 280 GB Untitled ) Both Mac Extended ( Journaled ) and GUID Partitions )

Then I run first aid on both partitions which passes. Then I continue to the Install

On customize I select the following ( Iatkos v7 man system , Bootloader ( Cham2 ) no x86 , Keyboard Driver Only and Post-Install Actions )

I have tried lots of variations including the tortorial provided by others who ahve the same laptop as me! No matter what options I select on IAtkos or Idenb it wont get past the last install stage

I have tried with ACHI + IDE mode same effect. I even tried my original config that allowed me get past the install stage but that doesnt wotrk anymore!

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