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Post what you want added in the PPF here:

naquuada, if you could give me pointers on how to fix the 2 "Known problems" that would be great

Additional Files

* PPF3 has 4GB supporting AppleNForceATA
* I'm hanging for the 9.6.0 voodoo kernel. Any idea when that's out?
* Will add that, thanks


* Is there something that needs to be fixed? I purposely left out the QuickTime 7.5.5 update because of the issue with AMD users


* Isn't that an issue with the retail DVD as well?
* I'm not sure how I would modify the Chameleon installer for that. I'm using the Chameleon installer from the chameleon site, if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this then I'm open
* Regarding your post:

- If you send me the corrected ATI drivers I can add them
- The PS/2 driver instructions are because the PS/2 Keyboard one only works when you have only a PS/2 keyboard or both a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, and the PS/2 mouse package works only when you have a PS/2 mouse. Its strange, yes, but that's the way it goes
- The idea of a readme within the installer is an interesting one. My only doubt is, if users skip the notes I put in both the readme file that is with the ISO and inside the installer itself, why would they even bother looking in the installation options readme text?
- The license text was removed because that would be like binding users to an Apple EULA when the DVD violates the EULA (not a good idea)
- I understand the dislike for the 3rd party software but there are several reasons I included the basics on the DVD. As you see, I only included tools and not fancy stuff like Perian. I included them on there because a) they barely take up any space at all when compressed in pkg format, and b) if the user's internet is not working or if the user is having issues mounting disk images and partitions it might be difficult to access the tools image c) The user can selectively choose what he/she wants to install rather than having to download a full tools image to get access to just a few select tools
- All packages are compressed heavily. If you are talking about DVD components, I could try using Xslimmer but then that would remove languages as well (an inconvenience) and if I just set it to binary slimming mode there would hardly be a space savings

* I will put them into folders, thanks
* Will the -legacy option have any disadvantages for Intel users? And AMD users can always boot with -legacy when they want to correct? Is that necessary even when the DVD boots using the Vooodoo kernel? Sorry, I'm just unfamiliar with AMD stuff :P
* Not sure what the diff. is, included them there just for the heck of it. Try both packages and see which one works, tell me and I can do something

That should cover pretty much everything Here is the current list of changes for PPF3:

* ATI SB600/700 Support
* More support for ASRock DualVSTA series motherboards
* New AppleNForceATA (slashack)
* Rebuilt skge & AppleAzaliaAudio packages
* Atheros AR5007EG driver
* Marvell Yukon 88E8056/8053/8039 Drivers
* Intel 82566MM/DC driver
* eno's nForceLAN driver
* ALC268 driver by madtux
* ALC888 driver for ASRock DualVSTA boards
* NTFS 3-G + MacFUSE combo installer option
* NTFS-3G read/write built into iPC DVD Boot
* New Legacy GeForce package to support old GeForce cards w/ fix for System Preferences graphic glitch
* Broadcom BCM5789 driver
* Updated PowerManagement bundle (10.5.3)
* Sleep fix for GMAX3100 built into package
* Updated ATI Radeon X1950GT drivers by Bronya
* Updated Ralink RT2860 drivers
* Updated AppleDecrypt to stop "errors" and console overflow
* Completely redone drivers for all ATI Radeon HD series
* CarbonLib Fix option available
* PCGenRTL8139 Ethernet added
* New VoodooPower 1.2.1 (replacement for GenericIntelCPUPowerManagement)
* Driver package for GeForce 7600 AGP card
* ALC262 driver

Thanks naquaada

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