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Originally Posted by 00010 View Post
No?, What is the proper placement of the kexts?, I wanted them to go to the "Extra" folder, do I need to make a folder in the "Extra" folder called "Extensions" also?

Before when I tried to install my LAN kext file, I used the installer package it came with and that dident work, I know it worked when I used the prepatched install, also when I used kext utility it dident work.

I have been on the OSx86 project for about 3-4 years now, I know I am missing something obvious I just dont know what, I am new to the whole "Retail Install" idea, When I first Installed OSx86 You had to compile your own prepatched DVD's.

the only kext i would use is the one to get your drives functioning (for the install) put this in either s/l/e or the extra folder for chameleon to pick up on. But once you have done this you need to repair permissions on the extensions you have added. When booting if using chameleon 2 at the OS selector screen type -v -f -x then choose the drive you want to boot from. -V displays whats happening in text (verbose mode) -f (forces loading of all kexts to find matching hardware) dev_id's) and -x will run in say mode so any bad kexts wont be loaded.

Youll find this info in more places than you can type numbers. the permissions repair and -v -f -x are the same for all versions of OSX

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