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Originally Posted by Hara Taiki View Post
You wont be able to store all the stuff you need into one folder. It's better to keep them separate, plus this way you'll know exactly what you are and are not installing.

I've tested and sent my results to pcwiz so far, the only bug that I had was with the fdisk part where the bootloader gets written to the MBR, if you follow munky's script, when you start fdisk and get to the "w" part, it asks you to confirm and alerts you to needing to reboot to take effect, and it selects [n] when it should be [y]. Other than that, from my test, it worked perfectly. I just needed to install the right kexts, which cause me not to boot but that was my fault, not the app.
I've been running munky's EFI partition mod since the voodoo kernel came online so I've been around the block a bit with it. I'm just asking for clarification with his app and how the scripts work through their process and what is required when running the app... plain and simple.

I have been here waiting to help him out with this app in whatever way was needed and so by asking questions and seeing the reply, I'm simply making it known to everyone how it works... thats it. The question you answered wasn't meant to be for me (since I don't store the backups for this type of boot method install in the same sub-directory anyways) but rather for the benefit of those who will use it later.

Originally Posted by pcwiz View Post
...nfoav8or, you have to keep things separate and select Kexts folder, kernel, and plist. This way keeps it more organized, and it would be difficult to auto detect in a folder based only on the fact that mach_kernel has no recognizable file type, making it very hard to autodetect unless the very name of the file is mach_kernel, which is not always the case.

As for updating the app when new versions of munky's boot comes out, I will release updates whenever possible, but its easy to update yourself just by going into the Resources folder of the app and replacing the contents with a new version.

Good to know, just thought it would be a good thing to double-check and to throw out there for testing. Thanks.

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