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Originally Posted by Hara Taiki View Post
Would you mind alerting me to what kexts should go in the EFI partition so that I may move the there and never worry about an Apple update again? Stuff like AppleSMBIOS perhaps? System.kext? Etc?
first of all, I'm not saying I'm a know-it-all when it comes to this stuff... Just that I've been using it for a while and on a bunch of different (test) systems and (except for the first time doing it) haven't botched it. I've also been helping people install via this method via PM and have had a lot of positive results. All credit, of course, goes to munky (and those that helped him) though. I'm just the messenger who explains it a little more in depth and helps provide a few files.

chipset kexts are the biggest one (of course)... just make sure that any of the kexts you place in this partition don't have kexts within a sub-directory of itself as this tends to through it for a loop. Also, modified AppleHDA kexts don't want to work due to dependancies that aren't able to be linked properly from a separate partition.

the files I use with my system are: AppleDecrypt (or dsmos), AppleSMBIOSEFI, and Disabler (although I know the latest voodoo has support to blacklist IntelCPUPowerManagement)... as well as my AppleNForceATA chipset kext (which I use the Test variant for as it provides the best DVD support on my system). I also modify the file with an EFI string for my video card enabling it to work with the native NVDANV40Hal.kext file (post-Leopard_Graphics_Update).

I haven't had to include the System.kext file as I don't have an hiccups when I don't use corresponding kernel/kext versions except for seatbelt.kext. This is the only file I have to revert back to (native Apple file, just earlier version obtained from a downloaded update and saved).

does this help in any way? (or are you just messin' with me )

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