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Prasys, Thanks!

I have been partially successful with empire efi. I use ati, and am just understanding the elements of staying the choice of ati. I succeeded with v1.7 and ati x1600 and 10.6.0 + your upgrade to 10.6.2! I've spent 126 hours trying to use other ati cards with snow leopard, failing with yours and Netkas' info and guides. I understand more on kexts thanks to you for your blog, but don't understand enough to make hd3650 work outside of 10.5.8 or hd4670 work in snow leopard. I'm not asking you for a hardware solution other than direction to a forum or irc. Please understand that as a neophyte that's trying to learn on my own, that #radeonhd irc and insanelymac are less than understanding or helpful. Thank you jmacie

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