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Originally Posted by icculus1 View Post
i have successfully installed snow leopard with Empire EFI 1.01. Boots with the Empire disc in the drive no problem. I can not get it to boot with myhack, however. i have tried selecting and deselecting items in the setup program to no avail. Myhack screen comes up at boot and spins forever. I really wouldn't mind booting thru Empire, but i haven't got sleep working either, so the thing runs full bore all the time. Empire EFI is great work. i appreciate your help

p5q se2 with MAC bios
PNY 9400GT video
voodoohd kext
Boot with -v and check where it hangs. If it hangs in waiting for root device. I want you to open Empire EFI CD , go to extras and open preboot.dmg , inside there go to Extra/Extensions and copy IOATAFamily and some patched kext to your /Extra/Extensions adn re-run and it should work. Most likely its related to your SATA kext !

Urhiness , I'll look into it. Mind to tell me whats the controller of your IDE. I do hope its not jMicron

bditman, empire eFI limits to 1GB of ram by default. There are few reasons why to this. If you want to get full support , install chameleon and prepare kexts and get it to boot. An easier method would be by using say umm myHack

maya77, Again i need the screen shot of the kernel panic otherwise its hard for me to troubleshoot
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