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Various DSDT mods.

There are many threads on installing OS X with DSDT override, if you do that you can mod it to fix and activate some features.

Things you can do/fix.
1. Activate the PWRB - Power button.
2. fix the blank display on System Wake.
3. Activate Clamshell sleep with Clamshell.kext. (superhai depreciating it)
4. Activate the ASUS Hotkeys.

Unconfirmed fix.
1. USB sleep issue. (works on my 1000H but not on my DS3L.)

that is generally what I found out last weekend, if you have more to share please feel free to chip in.
All these tested working on my systems, you will have to try if you don't have the same specs as me.
You can use this finds as a reference for your own fix.

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