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FN+F1 don't return any code.. notify SLPB 0x80 will put the system to sleep.
FN+F5,FN+F6 will return between 0x20 to 0x2F = 15 steps of brightness.
FN+F8 return the next display code, LCD, EXT VGA or both spanning.
AC power return 0x50
Batt return 0x51

most of these keys needs a driver to drive it.

I am swamped with my day job, thus have to stop development of the driver I am working on.
I have 1 on beta, feel free to try it.

ASUS hotkey enabler.

this package consist of various solution to enable the hotkeys, removes the need for sleepwatcher, sets FN+F1 to deep sleep and lid to doze.
you can customize most of the Keys to run scripts by changing the values in the plist. have been using it for a while on my system, works reasonably well.

Please backup your "DSDT.aml" before you install it.

ASUS EEEPC 1000H - Atom N270 - 2GB RAM, 500GD HD.
OSX 10.5.6 (vanilla)

Gigabyte P35-DS3L, E2180, 2 GB RAM, 2 1 TB HD, GT8800 512M.
OSX 10.5.6 (vanilla)
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