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ATI inject and Nvidia Inject, what they do technically and how they do? anyone knows?

I want to know details about injections of Drivers for both ATI and Nvidia.

I need to understand to create kexts for all ATI cards and others.

I didnt see the detailed information to develop driver or kexts

there are only kexts that is ready to use

I want to know that can we develop a software to discover the framebuffers or other technical details to create kexts for video cards.

I read the PCI driver section from apple developer site but it is not very informative.

I want help to understand how to think to create new drivers to release MAC OSX from hardware locks. I want to create FREE OSX FREE OSX USERS, letting them using any driver to solve their hardware needs and problems.

please give detailed information , and any information can help or idea can create new thing.

Thanks in advance!
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