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Originally Posted by grc2nyc View Post
Note: everything was perfect untill I used candybar, timemachine then scheduled a shut down for 1/2hr after timemachine wouldve finished. Other than I haven't a clue what I couldve done to get it this way. I've also tried a re install from the beginning, booting from my USB with dellminiboot only gives blinking dash, no option to escape and boot from hd or USB with mac DVD image.
The blinking dash in the upper left corner (after reinstalling to the same hard drive) usually means that the bootloader isn't marking the disk to allow it to be booted.

This is separate from your other problem which I think you could boot up using single user mode (-s) and then after the booting is done, enter the following code:
/sbin/mount -uw /
/sbin/fsck -fy
cd /Library/
mv Preferences/ Preferences.old/
This will cause your system to recreate the Preferences folder upon rebooting and should give you back the system (except that you'll need to redo some of your Preferences in the System Preferences)

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