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Gigabyte P35C-DS3R

I am trying to work with ideneb v1.3

I have Gigabyte P35C-DS3R mainboard, Zotac Nvidia 9600 GT 512 MB GFX, IDE HDD.

I works with -x option but normal mode it does not work, it is stuck at
mDNSResponder , sometimes it gives mDNSResponder [35], mDNSResponder [22] , etc. it can change, I cant pass this stage , I dont know why ? I tried LS8v14 kexts, other IOFamilyNetworking and also Realtek1000 Open source kext.

when I deleted IONetworkingFamily.kext , It didnt see ethernet inteface.

even I loaded other REaltek1000 kexts such as version 1.04 and 1.8.1.

now I want to ask that, What the problem can be?

-x mode works with ethernet but normal mode does not work.

addition this info, I didnt apply any kext for Graphic Card.

I just selected SMBIOS fix, SpeedStep kernel, RAM 800 MHZ fix.
I didnt select any other fix or kext.

If someone has Realtek 8111 kext , it will be perfect; or any other solution.

Thanks in advance and happy new year for everybody
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