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there are many different ways to remove an unwanted kext. a few of them are:

in single-user mode (-s)
/sbin/mount -uw /
rm -Rf /Sytem/Library/Extensions/extension.kext 
rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions.*
This deletes the kext and also clears it from the mkext "cache" file that is normally used to boot up the machine unless otherwise specified.

you can also do the same style within OS X after you have it running... I prefer Terminal so that's how I'll show it
sudo -s
rm -Rf /Sytem/Library/Extensions/extension.kext 
rm -Rf /System/Library/Extensions.*
This is just my personal preference when dealing with kexts, so feel free to try other ways.

Originally Posted by lunfai View Post
How do I get the exact name of the kext?
Either use the Terminal command kextstat then compare these to what is in your /System/Library/Extensions/ folder... or look at your System Profile -> Software -> Extensions...

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