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Thanks for the quick reply...

Originally Posted by nfoav8or View Post
use the boot flag maxmem=2048 (when booting the DVD to circumvent the RAM limit) then install and reboot with the same boot flag until you install the new 64bit AppleNForceATA kext file.
I might have formulated it wrong. I am using the 64bit AppleNForceATA kext right now with full 4Gb support. Only this kext doesn't seem to support my SATA DVD rewriter. It doesn't mount any discs.
Of course I rather have 4Gb then a working DVD drive but I'd love to have both

Originally Posted by nfoav8or View Post
the 6100 series doesn't support CI/QE. I've got the same built-in video on the Dell in my signature and had to get a separate PCI-e card to fill this void. I would definitely recommend a dedicated card if you want to do anything with CI/QE (which is a lot of stuff these days).
Does no CI/QE also mean low res and artifacts? I can live with low performance (Eg. no 3d acceleration and such) but a 1024x768 resolution is unacceptable.

I will buy a dedicated card when my wallet allows me to. Now I need to decide if I go for a cheapo solution or get a real fancy one .


CPU : AMD Athlon64 X2 5600+ Dual-Core 2.9GHz
MB  : ASRock AliveNF6G-GLAN
Mem : 4Gb (2x 2GB, PC-6400 DDR-II 800MHz)
Chip: nForce 430
GFX : Integr. NVIDIAŽ GeForce 6150SE, 256MB shared
LAN : Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mb/s, Giga PHY Realtek RTL8211B
Snd : ALC662 Audio Codec
HD  : SATA 7200RPM 250GB
DVD : SATA 22x DVD rewriter

Running iPC Public release.
Shared mem. GFX will probably never work. Replacement is underway.
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