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good news :)

I achieve the kext transfer and I passed the still waiting for root device section:)

now I am sending mkext for ideneb :)

yeah now I am seeing ideneb screen!!!!!!!! yeah!!! I like that!

now I am waiting the SATA performance.

ooohhh nooo!! setup time is 11-16-21 (it changes :) minutes:))))

now I am writing solution for you:)

for ideneb distro :

you will use mkext file , just delete old one and replace the new one:)

for other distros , for example kalyway :)

AppleVIAATA and AppleOnboardPCATA should be removed!
dont worry about them , you dont need them:)

and then copy the AppleATIATA.kext to Extensions directory with transmac :)

the files : (140.3 KB) orginal SB700 support kext. you can use that. (137.1 KB) I added new PCI ids to kext.

now my installation is finishing :)

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