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Notebooks are sometimes the hardest to diagnose with these problems because you can't just open them up and check out your chipsets, etc (unless you have the know-how or aren't worried about breaking your notebook's warranty).

I would agree (for now) that you should use a distro that is "obtained" from online and better tailored to fit your needs. If you've looked through the forum at all you will see different versions of these distros being named so that will offer a better place to start from. If you are able to install from one of these other distros, we can call that a "test" and then move on to getting a retail-install working on your notebook. The 965 chipset is a graphics chipset and should be supported by the other distros. We need to figure out what kind of northbridge/southbridge chipset you are working from and then know how to better diagnose.

@Taisto - did you see he's working on a notebook bud? Normally in a Notebook you aren't going to have the DVD drive and HD sharing a ribbon cable so I don't think jumpers are the issue here. (although you may have a point with a bad burn... he is using a Boot-132 loader)

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