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Originally Posted by wwbsox View Post
@cili0. I was hoping that your suggestion would have worked, but that would be too easy.

Replaced dsmos with updated fakesmc.kext (netkas put updated on his site today). Reinstalled sleepenabler.kext from the first page here. But still getting a KP after waking from sleep.

Actually reinstalled everything, SL, Chameleon 2, PC_EFI 10.1, kexts in /Extra and still having the same problem. Kext utility works good, finishes permissions/rebuild fine.

If anybody has any suggestions....
have you tried to repair permissions from disk utility ? i know it seems a noob suggestion, but i replaced the sleepenabler.kext with the one provided in the main topic, repaired permissions with "sudo diskutil repairPermissions /" and launched kext utility.


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