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Originally Posted by OG-Phantom View Post
I thought it was just me, I am experiencing this same issue. I am still looking for a fix...
Originally Posted by adrianmak View Post
Many thanks all of you from this post.

I have an annoying minor problem starting from using leopard.
The Asus P5K-E wifi/ap has two eSATA ports which controlled by jmicro controller. One of the eSATA port is connected to an HDD enclosure.

I found that when the hdd enclosure is online (powered on) it will slow down the bootup time (i.e. bootup time took longer) and the hdd enclosure icon will not display on the desktop. To show it, I have to power off and on.

anybody experience this issue ?
I don't use eSATA but i remember an update of JMB controller in the latest bios. Did you use the latest bios version ?

Also your console or boot in verbose says somenthing about that?
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