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Originally Posted by justluke View Post
Hey Guys!!!

Thanks so much for the help you've already provided. I am now running mostly functional vanilla installation of 10.6.1.

I have a new set of challenges however that I've yet to find answers for. After much searching, I thought I might just ask here.

The first and foremost - Segmentation faults with VLC. Depressing, as I just purchased this very shiney, very large and very expensive 21.5" 1080i 16:9 display.

Secondly, the display! It's even less likely that someone here will be able to help, but even after going through the settings like crazy I am finding that the colours are A) too washed out or B) too DARK in iTunes/Quicktime video! Simultaneously, too! As in, I will be watching my beloved Samantha Carter in iTunes, and she will be too shadowy, while the iTunes interface itself is washed out and pale. A few more runs through the display calibration utility and its feeling better.

Has anyone encountered something similar? As before, any input would be very much appreciated.

Maybe a little more information would be helpful. Console gives me the following...

Thoughts, feelings, hopes for solutions? I loves me my HD, don't want to give it up!

Do you have Perian installed ? Try to use quicktime, with perian installed for 1080 videos. (do a restart after install)

Or you can try this:

Open VLC go to Preferences, switch from BASIC to ALL in the left bottom corner , then expand Input/Codecs , expand Other codecs, go to the last one, FFmpeg then there you wil see "Skip the loop Filter for H.264 decoding" set to "None"

Change that to "Non-ref" or "None-key" or if this won't work try with "All"
Please note that this will reduce a bit the quality, specially when you select "ALL"

I am curious if this will do the trick, I don't remember where I read this...
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