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Originally Posted by DocShadow View Post
OK ... I did two installs of SL 432 today. I restored to a temp partition and installed with OSInstal.mkpg

If I installed from Leopard .... I would get the message when I tried to fix permissions with Disk Utility

If I installed from SL .... was able to fit permissions with DU.

Now I need to get 432 up ... it keeps hanging on the last step before the desktop.
That's what I was not hoping for. So, we will need to install a temp copy of SL, then install another copy (to the HD we really want to install to) and then be able to run SL. My last attempt at SL was so unstable, it would KP randomly within the first 30 seconds at getting to the desktop. Sometimes it would be the finder, other times a different thread would KP. No pattern to it. (and this was in 32bit kernel mode, 64bit kernel mode would KP at the beginning of the boot sequence, with or without dsdt)

Everyone with similar boards, how are you installing? What bootmgr are you using? EFI install? MBR? There has to be a reason my installs are as unstable as sh**.

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