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Originally Posted by will1384 View Post
(2) Sound not working,

(A) Find and download "Taruga’s AppleHDA Patcher version 1.20"
(B) Find and download "VoodooHDA.kext"
(C) Download my "GA-EP43-UD3L_ALC888_CODEC_DUMP.TXT"

Or make your own in Linux buy typing this into the Terminal
"cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 > ~/Desktop/codec_dump.txt"
and use that file, if you get nothing, try changing "codec#0" to "codec#1"
keep going up in numbers till you get the info.

(D) Find and download "Kext Utility"
(E) Drag "VoodooHDA.kext" onto "Kext Utility" to install
(F) Drag "GA-EP43-UD3L_ALC888_CODEC_DUMP.TXT" onto "AppleHDA Patcher" to install
I Found out that I don't even need to use "AppleHDA Patcher" and
that AppleHDA.kext" might even interfere with "VoodooHDA.kext",
so I have corrected my main post, I am leaving this here for future

Also you may need to remove a file that gets created buy AppleHDA Patcher,

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