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Updated BIOS makes OSX86 run without patched DSDT

Hey guys,

I just noticed an updated BIOS on the ASUS site: it is version 221. I updated mine, and tested whether my Hack would run or not without the DSDT that we've all been playing around in here.

To my surprise, it worked fine, and actually run a bit faster than usual. I don't know yet what have been patched in it, but it is told to be a Firmware update. I'm guessing that includes DSDT patches to be a little better.

The usual problem happens afterwards: no Video acceleration, and no Sound. But these are not hard to solve, as we've already solved these very things before.

It seems that ASUS has started to correct the DSDT, and makes our lives easier with Hackintosh. May be all of us could send feedback to ASUS, and ask them to continue improving the BIOS to provide better DSDT table.

I'll let you guys know if something good happens.

ASUS X5DIN-SX176C (K50IN motherboard) / Intel Core 2 Duo T9900 @ 3.06 GHz x 2 / nVidia GeForce G102M 512 MB / 15.6" HD LED / 320 GB + 1 TB / 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 / OS X 10.6.8 Vanilla
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