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Hey guys,

I'm happy that most of us are getting their K50IN-based notebook to Hack.

I'm having 2 issues though, especially about the ApplePS2Controller from Rus(drake). Since I don't know russian and there is Buhgalter who made it available to us.

My keyboard layout is the AZERTY one, popular in French-based countries. Next to the SHIFT key on the left, there is an extra key that is not present in regular English ones. It is used to produce keys "greater than" and "less than".

I use it fairly often, but now I can't use it anylonger when I enabled full sleep support on mine.

To Buhgalter (or anyone else with the knowledge), could you find a solution for non-standard layout keyboards? when I press that key, nothing happens most of the time; but I had 2 consecutive crashes so far whenever I press that key (or with SHIFT).
I have found that when it boots, I need to hit the key repeatedly enough, and it will not cause a panic when I press it when the desktop appears.

If there is a VoodooPS2Controller that works after Sleep, that would be the best, because I find it much better and more feature rich than the one from Rus.
For instance, the 2 finger click (middle click) on the trackpad is not working with ApplePS2Controller.

The second problem is not extremely serious. It is about the sound. Since 10.6.3, I'm using a patched binary that I found in this topic (I can't recall who made it, but it works great).
The only problem is that it doesn't work after sleep, and the only way to make it work is by plugging-in a headphone.

Any help is appreciated!

ASUS X5DIN-SX176C (K50IN motherboard) / Intel Core 2 Duo T9900 @ 3.06 GHz x 2 / nVidia GeForce G102M 512 MB / 15.6" HD LED / 320 GB + 1 TB / 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 / OS X 10.6.8 Vanilla
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