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Originally Posted by 谣言似山 View Post
Thank you for your advise.
Once I used VoodooHDA but there were noises as if you're listening to a radio at a wrong frequency. Also I tried the 44100Hz and 48000Hz in Audio MIDI Setup.
I've always been using my own dsdt, and fixed a lot of problems with dsdt. A few days ago I got it patched by iDsdt with my own codec file. That's how I got my earphone right with HDAEnabler.kext and modified AppleHDA.kext. However the AppleHDA was downloaded from the Internet so I don't know how should I modify AppleHDA to make the built-in speaker working.
oh man. i'm sorry. i forgot to adrres that noise problem. it is easy to solve.

first - install/copy VoodooHDA.prefPane to Library/PreferencePanes
second - install/copy VoodooHdaSettingsLoader
third - open system preference panel. at the bottom you will see vodoohda panel. go inside there, and tick "Enable SSE2". (You may also want to set Input Gain to zero in the Micropohone side to remove audio loop"

For AppleHDA you may want to edit IOPCIPrimaryMatch and LayoutID to match you system. that was how i do it last time when i'm trying to use applehda. but i think, the Applehda kext which given in the zip on first page is good enough(same with the file i gave last time)

Files needed attached . Have a try!
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