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Originally Posted by 谣言似山 View Post
The only thing I can do is to use ApplePS2Controller.kext to get it working as a mouse. But it's really a disappointing thing that I cannot get it working as a trackpad and scroll horizonally.

The most annoying thing is iCloud and iMessage. I cannot sign in into iCloud. What about you?
Someone say Chamelon may fix this. But I've always been using BootThink and I love the style of BootThink. However BootThink developement has stopped and nowhere can I find the author nor the source code.

One more thing is the display. Now I'm using 10.8.2 and my laptop display is recognized as a desktop display.
Attachment 1724
Besides, I cannot adjust the brightness of it. I tried EDID and it didn't work.
How can I get it recognized as a Laptop Display like in the picture?
Attachment 1726

iCloud, audio, trackpad and brightness are the only four problems on my way to perfect hackintonish.
about iCloud and iMessage. sorry . i don't use it. so don't really know. maybe flip360 know about it. about the brightness. can't you use the FN + F5/F6 to adjust the brightness? or whatever button it is. i use that to adjust the brightness.
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