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Old 08-13-2009, 11:56 PM
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Exact Install Manual for iAtkos v7 on following motherboards

This should be no big discuss here, I hope I can open here a thread,
what just and only gives exact information about witch options the lucky
installer took to run its x86 with Mac OS.
Please, I say really please, donīt make this a now useful textgarbage.
Thank for everyone who hangs in here.

Try and find out.
Then Post.

Best Regards, Me

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Old 08-14-2009, 02:16 AM
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D945gclf2 iAtkos v7 Atom330

System working, updating not possible.
No big problems recognized.
choosen options are listed, nonchoosen not:

D945gclf2 iAtkos v7 Atom330
  • - iAtkos Main System
  • Chameleon 2
  • Extra Directory
  • dsmos Encrypter
  • SMBios Enabler
  • voodoo 9.5.0
  • x86 ACPI
  • Disabler
  • remove TyMce
  • voodoo HDA
  • GMA 950 Desktop
  • Intel Sata
  • RTL 8139
  • Postinstall Actions
- didnīt use PS2 stuff
- didnīt test S-Video Output
- VGA Resolutions >640/480 800/600 1024/768 1280/768+960+1024 1344/1008
1400/1050 1600/1200 1920/1440 2048/1536 @ 60Hz and Millions Colors
- NTFS 3g works if choosen (ext2 will probably do the same)
- Sleep function works, but no awakening from devices possible (usb, etc.) just the power button

Here is a benchmark (XBench)

Here one personal thing:
Donīt let you get in the update run, it damaged my really fine working iAtkos v5i and v7 machines everytime. And I found no other reason, except all the talking around, to try it.
At this time I tried it again just for the post, .... reinstall, yeah...
Better take a firewall if you are afraid and enjoy your running system.
! That doesnīt mean you canīt install packages or programs as much as you like to,
but not the Apple Software Update.

I thank you, bye

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