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[How to] Intel GMA 900 done right: full QE/CI for leopard

Originally Posted by mercurysquad
what is it? This is an enabler kext which gives your intel gma900 (i915) graphic card hardware acceleration (qe/ci) support under leopard. This is not a patched or modified kext. It is supposed to be used in addition to the gma950 kexts that come with leopard.

Details: There are a lot of patched kexts floating around for gma900 support in leopard. Dfe aka david elliott has made a great enabler kext which allows gma900 cards to use stock gma950 kexts. This means no patching or hacking is required and you can keep using apple software updates and take advantage of updated graphic kexts.

How to use -

install these two kexts. Reboot. That's all.

This works for all gma900 device ids (0x2582, 0x2592, 0x2792)

you must have all stock kexts. If you are using patched kexts currently, please revert all appleintelgma* to the ones that came with your version of leopard.
The framebuffer is old. Some people may be able to use stock framebuffer too, but most often you will need this older framebuffer kext.
Resolution changing and mouse artifacts are related to framebuffer. So if you are trying to fix those, the framebuffer kext is what you want to experiment with first, followed by original gma950 kexts.
Please no opengl.framework hacking either. Everything should be original leopard version.
I have not made these kexts, the work is dfe's, i am only bringing it to the osx86 community and therefore cannot offer any support except maybe adding any new device ids
Download available here:

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