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Originally Posted by spinnerator View Post
My 55" big screen is a bit much to lug around. What's the point of mobility on a desktop?
Could have been my words, until I got a Magic Trackpad for christmas.
Know what? I freaking love using all these gestures & Co on my 1080p display - I never would have thought that until I tried it.
My mouse has already moved to the cupboard - mostlikely forever.

One good example that Apple already did a briliant job on merging these two worlds, without the loss of any usability.

Alltough ML doesn't have that much new features that I am interested in, just that messages thing right side of the screen looks pretty attractive to me.

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Same as iOS.

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I have it running right now on my MacBook Pro (ML DP4).
Apart from the features they announced they did an amazing job on the kernel, drivers and frameworks.
A lot of new developer routines are avaiable and they work pretty damn well.
It's more stable than 10.7.4 (which I abandoned because of bugs).
I anxiously await the final release and will definitely buy it.
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Originally Posted by Puttabong View Post
I'm talking about the direction of progress of computers as a whole - in the view of my little mind. Large desktops are here to stay of course.

Apple is on its way of brilliantly merging the two worlds of Mac OS and iOS more and more.
peaple are loosing the point....its the simplifying of the user experience
good or bad the majority of users are noobs...
it doesn't mean u can't get into the(nuts and bolts)of an os.

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