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Mac Clones from Germany

Competition for Psystar - now Apple Clones even from here.

If Pystar wasn't enough, there's actually a company called PearC which is selling new Intel Mac clones. Here you can take a look at the huge building complex, and here are some more information from It's google translated, so have fun ;-)

I took the opportunity and called them. At the beginning I was interested, asked about hardware and comaptibility - then I told him that I was from the scene and that I'm against this what he's doing.

That came unexpected. During the call he gets more nervous and he gulped sometimes. I told him that OSx86 should be a non-profit operating system for private users and that he offends against Apple's rules, not to install OS X on other machines, but also against ours by using code from the OSx86 community. I told him that we don't accept making money using OSx86 and we disagree with companies who do it. For him it wasn't wrong to sell Mac clones, that it will create problems for Apple or the OSx86 community seemed not to be a problem to him. But he was not happy that I told him this so directly. I explained the beginning of OSx86, that many users couldn't use it properly and switched to a real Mac - he mistunderstood this and said that this would be a good reason to sell these clones. Rubbish - if anyone has bought a cheaper Mac clone he wouldn't by a real Mac after it. He also said it would be a way for non-experienced users who couldn't install themselves. I said that these people - who normally don't need very big computers - also could buy a used Mac Mini G4. For internet browsing and watching videos it is enough, and it's smaller and needs less power.

At the end we don't came to a same optinion, but he was hearable disconcerted after the call. But the call was calm, and he didn't hang up early, that was ok.

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You have a right man.How can any smart ass uses our knowlege and our testings to make profit of it?We build hackint0sh-es we share knowlege for OSX86 and someone did`n do anything just download our work and make money of it.I was always think thtat os x 86 wil always be free of charge gues I was wrong.Hackint0sh is for me only demo project too see to feel and when I decided I will actualy buy a real mac for me.

Keep a good work...
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Those clones might have been a good starting point for people that don't want to read through all those forums and have to download and try to install for oneself. BUT: I guess the point about this project is to acquire knowledge and to "profit" from it in a private way and use this to ameliorate the project further.

The downside on companies like Psystar and PearC is, that they don't state anything about the hardware they use and especially why they sell at a comparable high price. Standard PCs are a lot cheaper nowadays and there is no reason why not to use one of those, if one has enough inside info before buying.

Those clone-companies won't do any good for our project, since they commercialize what should be free and for private testing only - it may well be that Apple tries to shut them down.
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i don't develop for the OSx86 community, however i'm against the use of their code to get money of it without name those developers behind the community, but i think, they (the developers) should demand theirs names on it, but not take part on the apple vs (Pystar, PearC) legal issues. cause in every way "Copy, repack and Distribute MacOSX is illegal", so....we better take out of the legal issues.

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I'm glad that these companies are winning against Apple, it shows them that they can;t just get away with churning out over-priced (although good looking) tech.
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Originally Posted by 2600GHz View Post
I'm glad that these companies are winning against Apple, it shows them that they can;t just get away with churning out over-priced (although good looking) tech.
No one is winning anything yet. Until the trial with Psystar ends, this whole situation will be up in the air for some time to come. Personally I hope that the clone makers lose, but even if Apple does lose I'm sure they (Apple) will amend all of their licensing agreements to counter any further dispute in how the Mac OS can be installed on non Apple hardware.

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we need to put a stop to this shit. greedy companies and people like this do not realize what they are doing. if psystar wins this suit this will put a serious hurt on apple.
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Will it? I mean I run OSX because I like the operating system. I like to build my computers by hand selecting components. I never have nor never will buy a pre-built computer. Apple will never get me to buy one of their computers. Even if I did buy pre-built computers I would need a MacPro and I just can't afford it. $700 if I build a PC for OSX and $2500 if I buy one from Apple. That's a huge difference. Right now I'm still on an older computer I've built and installed 10.4.8 on. It's great and I really like OSX. But does that mean I should buy a mac mini that won't be able to do the work I need it to just so I'm "legit"? Software restrictions really bother me. I don't mind paying for a product. I actually like paying for something that I'm going to get real use out of and enjoy. But saying I can't use software because I didn't buy your hardware is insulting. Some people are still going to buy Apple branded hardware because of the style and the image. But for me it's just about a nice OS that I really enjoy over Linux,Windows,BeOS,Amiga, etc. I hope Psystar wins, or at the least Apple stops trying to keep the OSX86 community down. Embrace, not despise.

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I don't get the argument here. This whole community is built on doing something Apple are absolutely against. We are taking their product, which many of us never paid for and hacking it to run on hardware Apple haven't sanctioned us to run it on and then we criticize the likes of PearC and Pystar for making it easier for end users who just want to run OS X but without taking out a second mortgage to do it. Most people who want to use OS X just don't understand all the terminology and method behind getting it to run on the many different hardware configurations out there. They just want to boot up and go! Companies like Pystar and PearC make that possible and from the prices I have seen they are comparable with most PC Stores. Obviously for self builders we can do it cheaper but again, the majority of people would not know where to start.

The reason most of us are here is because we refuse to pay the exorbitant prices Apple charges for it's hardware. Ever since Apple shifted to Intel it's been style over substance. Apple computers are now basically an over priced pc in a nice case.....and that's it, period!

As for Apple suing the clone makers they certainly won't win against PearC because they are not doing anything illegal under German law and I doubt they will win against Pystar. Their only option is to just change the licensing but I'm pretty sure someone will find a way around that one also. What they should be doing is releasing the OS for use on any Intel based machine. They would make a fortune and win a heck of a lot of friends into the bargain
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Anyone knows whats in that special boot disc they are using?

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