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Help Please

Hi guys..

I have some problems with mi hackintosh

My processor is a Pentium 4 HT 2.8
im on 10.6.7 Snow leopard

Everything is fine also the graphics on GMA950 QE enabled

the problem is, the sistem recognize my Pentiun 4 ht as a SINGLE CORE

and i need desperetly to change into a Dual core

Is this posible..

sorry for my Poor english
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Isn't Pentium 4 HT a single-core processor ?
If i remember well, it is, so it's not possible.
If it's in fact a dual core CPU, you may try to boot with the following flag:


Hope this helps.
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Afaik it's not a real dual core processor, It uses hyperthreading to make 2 threads.

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