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TIP: If you get PANIC with no CLUES

Just a little tip that I found trying some DSDT stuff.

If you get a Kernel Panic, and the output info gives you poor information and no clues,
check if you have installed the lspcidrv.kext (for lspci comand).

That driver which is very useful, can be problematic, i.e: I got panics just turning on and off my bluetooth mighty mouse. Removed and everything perfect again, and I suspect that it happens specially 10.6.4 ( I am using Legacy Kernel 10.4)

So LSPCIDRV.KEXT: Just use it when you need it and, remove it when you don't


CPU: AMD Opteron 165 @2.0Ghz - Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium - AppleNforceata64 by ANV - RAM: 4 GB DDR 400Mhz Audio: ALC850 (AppleAC97Audio64 by sluphide) Video: MSI nVidia GeForce 7600GS 256Mb (0x0392) QE & CI from Chameleon 2 RC4 Ethernet: SKGE64 OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.2 32bits all kexts 64 bits. Sleep working. 4 Disks Two mirrored.
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Thanks for the tip, I will have to give it a try, as I've been having the occasional 'double kernel panic' randomly show up on my legacy 10.6.4 build. My BT MagicMouse also freezes up every once in a while, so who knows maybe this will fix that Completely forgot I'd added that kext.

UPDATE: Removed it and ran Kext Utility to clean everything up .... no change, still get intermittent mouse problems, and occasionally a double kernel panic on boot. Back to the DSDT I go.

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Thanks for the info. That is why my boot gets stuck at IObluetooth sometimes (booting with -v) then moves on or get panic. I'm gonna remove it. but what does this kext do?

Moved to INTEL
i5-2500K / GA-Z77-DS3H / HD5770
OS X 10.7.4 all working!
Win 7 ultimate running on Parallel
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i had random panics with nawcom legacy kernel for 10.6.8
the only solution was avn legacy kernel for 10.6.8
but im trying removing this lspcidrvkext, im testing the behavior in both kernels-

first thing i noticed is that i have no more to set npci=0x2000 in order to start. it start good without that.

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