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CarryDude, you should try to put the CountryCode and Locale not at the end of the file, but just before the end :

I'll try it tonight and repost some result.
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I am trying modifying the info.plist from the AirportAtheros21 kext.
But my IORegistry show me APAC as Locale and nothing as CountryCode.

What means FCC ? 'cause i'm in france, so i can't use FCC/US
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Red face

Hello everyone, I too have the same point.
Ar9285 recognized but no network.
I compared the Airport System Profiler on my Mac Mini (original) with that of Snow/Asus: my countrycode IT, locale ETSI, I suppose because I'm in Italy.
I tried unsuccessfully changes to the kext as indicated by Hellboy ..
if someone gives me more information I can try ..
Great job everyone!

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So, i tried what CarryDude said :
it doesn't work for me, but i tried different thing :
i saw an other IOProviderClass key in the file, so I put the dict section just below.
but it break the kext, i couldn't load it.
so i tried to put only locale and country code below the IOProviderClass, and I get the same result as CarryDude said.

So I will continue to try different thing.
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Did anyone ever get this card working?
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You could try something like: but it's risky. But if successful it may work because I'm lead to believe the iMac11,1 has something close to these cards.
From sys profiler dump:

Type: Other Network Controller
Bus: PCI
Vendor ID: 0x168c
Device ID: 0x002a
Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x106b
Subsystem ID: 0x008f
Revision ID: 0x0001
Link Width: x1
someone was able to get it working.
Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x8F)
Firmware Version: Atheros 9280:

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Has some one tried madwifi from Liunx?
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Any news with the 9285 card?
I've installed Snow Leopard on my 1005HA but still my wireless card isn't shown up under the hardware info...
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It's not the problem of IO80211Locale

I've patched the binary and now and
IO80211Locale is set to FCC, But the card can't work yet.
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I'm working on country codes and locales. Once again , THEY ARE YOU EARS ! You have to put the country stuff at yours. Mine's locale is ISO3166 and Country Code is PT. but i'm still putting this on working.

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