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dell d630 10.5.x help?

Ok. I'm very new to this. That being said I got OS x 10.5.4 to install on ny laptop. But had no sound keyboard touchpad or Ethernet. I found a kext pack for 620/630/820 fixed all but sound. The my cd/dvd would not mount. I could still mount usb and dmg images however. I did softwere update trough OS x up to 10.5.8. This was no help. What I am looking for is a way to get sound working. and if possable upgrade to snow or better yet lion. Forgive my ignorance in these matters as I said I'm very new lol. If anyone can please help me out here. Is be very greatful. And let me know what info I can provide that may help anyone help me. Thanks
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go over to
you will find a lot of support for your machine

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