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Still waiting for root device

Hello iam really new to mac iv been trying to install iDeneb 1.5 i think with my

AMD Phenom II X3 710 2.6Ghz (iv turned on the fourth core so now its)
AMD Phenom II X4 10 2.6Ghz
Sappire ATI HD4870 Vapor-X
i have one hard disk which is ATA or sata iam not sure its called
and my burner is allso sata cabeld
iv turned the partition active made AHCI and all the settup needed but i still get Still waiting for root device and i cant get to boot screen
i have only one hard drive of 500G iv made a partition which isnt formatted to any kind of file setup and i made it active now
at the boot up i put rd=disk0s3 and any kind of setting iv tried still led to "Still Waiting For Root Device"
-f -v
-v -f -x
-f -v -x rd=disk0s3 and stuff now i have 3 partitions
disk0s1 system resereved
disk0s2 windows 7 files and stuff
disk0s3 unformatted active for Mac OSX
now iam allso runing with a wireless logitech set EX100 and a razer mouse Imperator i think that might do with the probleme iv puted the
hard drive setting which is sata to AHCI and the other one the 4/5 to IDE iam getting this probleme for a month now and i cant install it
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Get rid of IDE and Upgrade your hardware easy thing

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AMD Tutorial (German)
Another AMD Tutorial (English)
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