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[AMD] I cant seem to update?

Hi everyone,

I can install 10.6
but I want to update to 10.6.8.
ive downloaded the combo update from apples website, and it installs i dont reboot just yet, I then go to change the kernel to nawcoms legacy kernel 10.6.8 and it always give an error saying it cant install. i have even tried using the osx86 tools to install it from there. and then the only thing i can do is restart and well it is not ready for it. what can i do?

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Try this instead :

1. Backup the kernel to file mach_kernel_old
2. Fix permissions etc. for the backed up kernel.
3. Install the update.
4. Reboot with "mach_kernel_old" flag.
5. When booted just delete the kernel, and rename the back up one to "mach_kernel".

This should help. Andy's kernel works with 10.6.8 just fine, so after the update you might want to update the kernel in the same way, to avoid problems.
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The same problem!

I got the same problem as here.I have Acer 5520G(AMD TurionX2,MCP67 works with modified AppleNforceATA.AppleVIAATA 32bit from Leopard...).
I want to update to 10.6.8 using Combo update but without success.

WE can't install lagacy kernel pkg because of amd_insn_patcher from the package.(libSystem.B.dylib and dyld don't need to patch in 32bit system).So I don't use the packed but only the kernel.Of course you can use amd_insn_patcher to patch anything else.

Change boot flag with -v arch=i386 busratio=9 idlehalt=0.

And it stops at ...Still waiting for root device.
I got this error before because of MCP67 IDE but now..i don;t know.
Help me to fix it pls!

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