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Old 06-03-2010, 06:35 AM
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AMD Phenom 965 3.4ghz + MSI 790fx-gd70 HELPP!!!!!!

ok im making this thread to actually figure out what im supposed to be doin properly to install this on my pc first my specs are

AMD Phenom x4 965 black edition 3.4ghz
MSI 790fx-gd70
OCZ ddr3 1066 2gb x 2 sticks
nvidia Geforce 8500gt 512mbs
1 seagate 250gb hdd with windows 7 x64 installed on it
1 seagate 250gb hdd back up for pro tools sessions
1 seagate 250gb hdd already formated in JSF
1 LG dvd burner

ive tried to used the snow leapord hazard keeps reastarting on me without even gettin to anything....
i used client server hazard....and it dont get anywhere
i've used empire efi...and the retail version of mac (i actually bought this).....and i get errors
I also use iATKOS_v7

im using windows 7 and have no access to a mac computer

i downloaded partmagic to partition any disk i want in hsf+ and jsf

i got a 8gb magic stick duo i can load my pc off of

i've used different boot flags such as -v -f -legacy -cpus=4 or -cpus=1 or cpus=2 and -busratio=20 or busratio=17

i dont even know if this is the right boot flags

in multiple cases i get "waiting for root device"

what should be the steps im taking to get this program to work on my pc

is it my bios setting? if so what should they be set at to work properly

please help anyone and everyone.....!!!!!!!
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Old 06-03-2010, 02:35 PM
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Please read the forum rules first before posting. Multiple threads on the same topic are not allowed, so the other two are deleted. Keeping it to one thread is better for you also, to keep the track of the posts more clearly and help you solve your problems.
Thanks for your understanding.

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