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g31m-es2l audio ALC883 and snowleopard


I can't seem to make the sound work with this mobo in snowleopard. There is already a solution for alc883 out there using legacy kexts and hdefenabler kext but it won't work on my system. The problem is i definately need the mic to work and with voodoohda is not. Anyone was successful on this? I think is just a matter of using the correct device on applehda but I don't know how it works on snowleo since it has changed.

Thank you.
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having the same problem.. driver...???/

do you have any luck in finding the driver for the ALC883...?

I am using a iDeneb v1.5.1 10.5.7 on a Asus P5K mobo ..that has a ALC883 soundcard on board... so far I was not able to find one.. none is working as of now...if you found the driver please tell me or email me...

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HDAenabler is outdated. Inject your audio using dsdt and then patch your original AppleHDA. I've managed to get my ALC888 to detect full 5.1 analog, Digital Out, Line In and Mic using just that.

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