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RAID0 legacy 10.6 kernel panic

this is my first post but i read this forums before in order to install osx86 on amd. now i have a working 10.6.6 osx. thanks.

i have 2 same hard disk drives. in the past they used to be a raid0 with linux, using mdadm with XFS format. it worked perfect for years. both disks works perfectly. chipset is ATI SB750.

today i give a try to mac osx raid, but makes system VERY UNSTABLE. nobody with the same issue?

im usinn 10.6.6 with 10.6 legacy kernel because its supposed to give the best performance for a radeon 4350 card.


SOLVED: the issue was that i had loaded the incorrect kernel extensions, and the incorrect bios setting. AHCI Combined was not enabled, so i was not mapping the pata ports for ahci. this made me load an extra extension that just made the system unstable. now it works.

IOATAFamily version 9.9.9 was the source of the problem.

now im using the default unmodified kext (ioatafamily version 2.5.1 for osx 10.6.6).
JMicronATA worked but i removed it because i have an ati sb750 chip. so im using now AppleATIATA version 1.0.3. but in some days i will do some performance test to determine what is better.

this information is just for those with the same kind of problems.

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